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Seeing the Unseen: 

How can colour be used to challenge our perceptions of the world?

Illustrative research created as part of my MA Illustration project exploring the nature of colour.

Pink West B Park.jpg

Observing colour led me to notice aspects of my surroundings that I would otherwise have overlooked in my daily life. This included subjects of visual contrast. 

Selection of observational drawings from around Nottingham city centre. 

Neon Rubber Plant.jpg
Abstract Succulent.jpg

Reimagining a trip to the garden centre through colour.

Lonely Cone.jpg
Purple Concrete

Sample of drawings focusing on colours that left a 'lasting impression' after a walk around the city. Documented a day after observation to uncover what I am drawn to visually. 

Pink Lady.jpg

Noticing the seemingly mundane through colour, I decided to pursue colour as a way of bringing attention to the often overlooked. In doing so, I aimed to encourage beauty to be sought in unexpected places and challenge our preconceived perceptions of the world.

Keep up to date with this project via my socials below. Watch this space!

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